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Vision, Mission, Goals, Values, & Strategy
Our Vision in the year 2015 is providing services in Towns in Tamil Nadu and opening Branches in various cities of India.
In pursuance of our strategy our main vision is to meet the customer needs and fulfill their expectation, and provide them with high quality of services at the least cost.
In pursuance of the broad vision of Amirtham Consultancy the following are considered to be the goals to be achieved in this strategy.
  • To unify the Tax Consultancy Services policies in the country.
  • To develop a comprehensive nationwide Tax Consultancy Service.
  • To ensure Tax Consultancy Services remain accessible across the country.
  • To encourage all Tax Consultancy Service providers to attain standards of excellence.
Amirtham Consultancy has set for itself a basic set of Business ethics which it scruprously follows in Connection with its vital aspect of delivery of time bound, cost effective services to its client detail of which are as under ;
  • To understand the needs of the customer.
  • To convent the needs into valuable input which are handled by a set of competent and Experience personal who handle the job effortlessly in the minimum possible time.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the information relating to its client.
  • Ensuring optimum use of Amirtham Consultancy resources while delivering its services.
  • Maintain transparency and clarity and ensuring an effective two way communication.
  • Our focus of strategy is mainly customer oriented.
Our Strategy for the next decade is based on three important management Principles. In Pursuisance of above strategy we shall endeavor to
  • Excel in our performance
  • To empower our employees, provide them with the required Infrastructure in Pursuance of our strategy.
  • To Deliver timely cost effective and timely tax consultancy service in quickest Possible time adhering to the laws of the land.
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